As a busker Hayatonnu… focuses on creating harmony between dance and handbalancing.
After growing up in Japan, he has been living in Germany since 2012.
He reflects on two huge different cultural backgrounds in his lyrical story.
Hayatonnu… talks with his whole body with no words.

Eternal Longing (Plus)

‘Eternal Longing’ is a lyrical story about overcoming difficulties and loneliness.
Hayatonnu… combines dance and acrobatics routines to express the emotions that everyone knows.
What does it take to find happiness?

In 2021 he decided to add some scenes with more positive energy into it because of the current situation…
In his new piece ‘Eternal Longing Plus’, he is especially longing for the moments to find peace of mind with you…

Duration: 25 – 50 minutes
Language: a show with no words
Technical requirements: a flat floor and area min 4.5 m x 4.5 m x (height)4 m.
This show can be performed inside and outside for all ages.
It’s possible to perform even in the heavy rain once a day at least.

The Premiere of ‘Eternal Longing (Plus)’ was held at an official event of Namysłowski Ośrodek Kultury – Dom Kultury in Poland on 24.07.2021.
Immediately after that he performed at the other official events as well in Przeczów and Zgorzelec. The ‘Busker Tour’ was supported by Małgorzata Węglarz (Director of International Festival of Street Art BuskerBus).

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Das Kirschblütenfes in Meerbusch in Germany (◎April 23th◎)
22. Internationales Kleinkunstfestival Insel Usedom (◎May 26th – 29th◎)
URKA Busker Night Bergamo (◎June 10th◎)


Das Kirschblütenfes in Meerbusch in Germany (◎April 24th◎)
Parktheaterfestival Lokeren in Belgium (✖postponed to 2023…✖)
Japan Tag in Düsseldorf in Germany (◎May 21st◎)
Querbeet Kulturfestival in Gelsenkirchen in Germany (◎June 17th◎)
The district executive Apolda-Weimar of the party DIE LINKE in Germany (◎June 18th◎)
Festival v Ulicích in Ostrava in Czech Republic (◎June 25th and 26th◎)
Internationales Straßen- und Varietéfestival Bamberg Zaubert in Germany (◎July 15th – 17th◎)
Busker Tour in Żary in Poland (◎Aug 6th◎)
Aufgetischt St.Gallen in Switzerland (◎Aug 12th – 14th◎)
BuskersÀMorges in Switzerland (◎Aug 17th – 20th◎)
Na Kalha – Street Art Fest in Portugal (◎Sep 9th – 11th◎)
Nuits des Lampions in Luxembourg (◎Sep 15th – 17th◎)


Festival v Ulicích in Ostrava in Czech Republic (June 25th and 26th)
An official event in Krotoszyn in Poland (July 21st)
Busker Tour in Namysłów and Przeczów in Poland (July 24th) shows in Zgorzelec in Poland (July 25th)
Duisburger Kinder Kultur Festival in Duisburg in Germany (August 8th)
Buskers Strassenfestival Vaduz 2021 in Lichtenstein (September 18th and 19th);art175,461165
AMPLIFIER FESTIVAL – New Cabaret & Street Art in Slovakia (September 24th to 26th)

21. Internationales Kleinkunstfestival Insel Usedom (Cancel)
Veroli Festival – 21° in Italy (postponed to 2022)


International Festival of Street Art BuskerBus in Poland


STRTFSTVL Showcase in Netherlands
Porikoro-Park Street Festival in Japan
De Gevleugelde Stad Ieper in Belgium
Meerbuscher Kirschblütenfest in Germany
Japan Tag in Düsseldorf in Germany
Japan Festival in Munich in Germany
Jubiläums THEATERacker in Osnabrück in Germany
International Festival of Street Art BuskerBus in Poland
Frivolus in Koper in Slovenia
Sakahallo Street Festival in Japan


Nagoya Daidogei Festival – Contest –
—AWARD ⭐️2nd Prize⭐️—
Kinder Expo in Krefeld in Germany
Ise Natsu-Machi-Matsuri Festival in Japan
Buskers Fest České Budějovice in Czech
Di Piazza in Piazza in Cosenza in Italy
Nuit Des Lampions in Luxembourg
Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka in Japan


Heaven Ginza Street Festival in Japan
Mojoca Festival in Moio Della Civitella in Italy
DAS FEST in Karlsruhe in Germany
Le Fiere Del Teatro – Sarmede in Italy
Chuo-City Marugoto Museum Event in Japan
Heaven Tokyo Street Festival in Japan
Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka in Japan


Hayato is a hard-working person, respectful to the organisers, volunteers, other artists, and the audience. He performs at his best not only for big crowds, but he shows appreciation for every single person that comes to see his show. Last year he won everyone’s heart over when he performed in heavy rain for just a few people who he convinced to stay with both his art and attitude.

Hayato has everything an organiser looks for when selecting artists. He is not only a world-class dancer with a beautiful show, but he is also a lovable person with a great sense of humour that everyone wants to be around and call a friend.  

Małgorzata Węglarz, artistic director, BuskerBus Festival